The Twig & Fairy Room and a few Antiques

Artwork inspired by nature & fairies for the whimsical of all ages

The Twig & Fairy Room, and a few ANTIQUES too,  is a compilation of three businesses; Ruth’s Twig Room, Fairy Under A Full Moon and Glenn Wolfe Antiques.

Location: On the second floor,
near the Main stairwell
Hours: Wed – Sat: 11am – 5 pm
every other Sun: 11am – 4pm
Phone: (319) 360-2090
Facebook: Twig & Fairy

Ruth’s Room and Fairy Under A Full Moon (mother & daughter) were previously located on the main floor of the FSCC and moved upstairs November 1st. In their new, larger space, they were able to incorporate antiques by Kim’s husband, Glenn Wolfe, as well.

Ruth Ipsan-Brown, the goddess of all things twig, has been inspired by nature since childhood and uses natural materials to create nature art pieces including figures, chairs and altars. Kim Wolfe, the Fairy Grandmother, makes flower fairies, fairy related items as well as hand painted stones. Glenn Wolfe has been restoring and selling antiques since 1989 and enjoys having his foot back in the antique biz again after recently retiring.

Shop hours are Wednesday thru Saturday 11-5 and every other Sunday 11-4. Check out “The Twig & Fairy Room” on Facebook.

Ruth 319-360-2090
Kim 319-560-6352
Glenn 319-558-8559